Murray Ridge Production Center

On-site Work Teams

We are the best answer to employment needs in Lorain County. MRPC, Inc. can provide work teams that are sent to your site. We provide a team leader to train and supervise our employees at no cost to you.

    We can

  • Add workers as necessary.
  • Provide transportation to ensure the timeliness of our employees.
  • Provide total responsibility for the payroll and Workers’ Compensation liabilities of our employees while they are working on-site.

    You Can Determine

  • Number of hours worked.
  • Number of workers needed.
  • Length of the work day.
  • Duration of the job.

Individual Placement

MRPC, Inc. can provide a qualified worker to a regular community job. The individual is employed by the company, paid competitive wages, and provide benefits (if applicable).

We provide a support (job coaching) service to the employer and the employee on an ongoing basis at no extra cost. This ensures that the candidate performs the job appropriately while reducing the training and orientation time required by the employer.

Community Employment Services

  • Assembly
  • Custodial
  • Food Service
  • Ground Maintenance
  • Inspection
  • Light Industrial
  • Office Work
  • Packaging/Sorting