Murray Ridge Production Center

About MRPC, Inc.

Murray Ridge Production Center Inc. (MRPC Inc.) has been providing greater Lorain County businesses with qualified workers for over 30 years. As Lorain County’s largest employer of persons with developmental disabilities, we offer a diversified labor pool.

These men and women are trained in a variety of work skills to fulfill your labor and subcontract needs. MRPC is an attractive inexpensive alternative to traditional employment methods.

We Can Increase Your Productivity & Profits

Whether you choose to have your work done at one of our production centers or at your location, we will complete your order in a timely and cost effective manner.

Murray Ridge Production Center, Inc. is a component of the Lorain County Board of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities. A large portion of our success relies on an informed, caring, and supportive public.

Non-Profit Board of Directors

Denis Wright (Chair)
Phillip Tollett (Vice-Chair) Betty Hanson (Secretary) Bob Gajdos (LCBDD Board Rep)
Dr. Ellen Payner Roy Varga John Rybarczyk
Keith Boey John Selka Gerry Findlan